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If Lodge has not been occupied during the previous week:

  • All light and power should already be on – if not check circuit breakers in basement (basement access trapdoor is under the stairs to bedrooms 1 & 2)

  • Turn on hot water heaters in bedrooms as required – switches are in the cupboards in bedrooms 2, 3 & 4. Heater in room 2 also services bedroom 1. Bedroom 5 is serviced by a gas HWS located in the laundry.

  • Upper Lounge room electric heaters have a centrally controlled thermostat located on timber kitchen wall facing the dining area. Individual heater thermostats should be turned to maximum during winter and not turned off on individual power points. Heaters to be turned on as required in Summer.

  • If the Lodge has not been left in a clean and tidy manner please contact the Jenny Marchant on 02 8850 4737 or Warwick Dean 0412 203 688


  • Check that all gas burners in kitchen are turned off.

  • Turn off the three hot water heaters located in bedrooms 2, 3 & 4 and the gas HWS in laundry. 

  • Turn off the gas hot water heater in laundry, including gas tap in the pipeline.

  • Turn off all power points except for fridges, freezers and microwave ovens.

  • Turn the thermostats in fridges  to low.

  • Remove and dispose of all perishable food from fridges.

  • Thoroughly clean and empty water from dishwasher. Leave empty.

  • In winter leave heaters in lounge and dining areas on with central thermostat set to around 20C. In summer turn heaters in these rooms off at the power points.

  • Turn off the laundry drying room heater and also the main drying room heater.

  • Turn off TV, video & stereo at the power point.

  • Shut and lock all windows and close all curtains and blinds.

  • Turn off all internal and external lights.

  • Winter garbage: During the season follow the NPWS Waste disposal instructions posted on the kitchen wall near bin cupboards.

  • Summer garbage. Take it with you and deposit in marked bins near Fire and Ambulance stations. There is no Lodge garbage service during summer.

  • Lock all doors on leaving.



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